7 Reasons You Should Go On A Short Term Trip

This past week I traveled with 18 Americans to a part of rural Guatemala that I’ve visited seven times in 11 years. Our multi-generational team from Florida included a college professor, a lawyer, a salesman, a private school teacher, several teens and a 31-year-old veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Only one of our… Read more »

Tips For A Short Term Trip

The list for what not to do is fairly long, however Relevant magazine have some awesome tips on short term trips. ‘One of the main tips is to do things with people, not for people… And that should be the motto, always’. Long Bay Baptist team did an awesome job at including locals in everything… Read more »

Race Car Faith

Many drivers have to weigh up whether to build a race car from scratch, or buy one already done. There are positives & negatives to both. An already built car is often a less time consuming option, and doesn’t cost you as much. But you don’t always know everything that makes up the car you’re… Read more »

The most addictive drug teens are experimenting with

The moment I knew internet pornography had cast its dark shadow over the lives of millions of ordinary teenagers will live with me for ever. I was sitting in the smart drama hall of a specialist sports college in the North of England with a fantastic reputation. Before me were a group of 20 boys… Read more »

Awesome Vanuatu video by Luke Jarrett…

We loved this cool video made by Luke Jarrett, who has just got home from a mission trip to Vanuatu with his team from Narrabeen Baptist, Australia. These guys built a water tank and worked with kids and people in a small community in Teouma, Efate – making a huge impact on lives there. Vanuatu… Read more »

Do I have to be uncool to be Christian?

The following came about after having dinner with some good friends and my wife and I being the only Christians in the group. I feel often that when I explain what I do for a job and that I’m a Christian, people look at me a certain way. And as I pondered this I also… Read more »

The Bikini Question

By Rachel Clark | Guest Blogger Summer is rolling around in the states, and our time at the beach or pool just skyrocketed! I think we can all agree that the majority of girls wear bikinis at any place involving water. However, I don’t. Most of my friends think I shy away from bikinis for… Read more »

Post Cambodia musings

Cambodia, such an amazing place. There is just something magical about it which is hard to capture in writing. Cat Gooding a co-leader on the team that traveled to Phnom Penh this winter answers questions about short term missions and the effect that it had on her life.  

Heard of 'Flight of the Conchords'??

Well if you haven’t, they are a famous pair of New Zealand comedians that have a television show and are well known for their funny songs. After a recent outreach in Tonga, staff member and foreman Glenn Brown put together something in a similar vein – check out this amazing acoustic/folk song. Written and sung… Read more »

"Tonight I Sleep In Ofa's House!"

“Tonight I sleep in Ofa’s house!” These were the words stated by Ofa, complete with a huge grin, to the team after her house dedication. Thoughts from Eric Mailau – Mission Adventures leader. “Our trip to Tonga was an eye opening experience, allowing us insight into Tongan culture and the impact that God has had… Read more »