You must be in a group

In order to participate in a Mission Adventures outreach, you must be in a group. This could be something like a youth group, a church group, or a school group.


Group size

An ideal group size is around ten or more people, including one or more adult leaders. Please note that group size may be limited for some overseas destinations. However we have worked with smaller group sizes in the past. Contact us for more information.


Age limit

All participants must be 13 years of age or older to participate in any Mission Adventures outreach. In some cases it is recommended that participants are slightly older, according to your outreach destination and activities.


You must be prepared

Teams must be well unified in preparation for every mission trip. This means spending time together as a group before your trip – fundraising, praying, and training… Mission Adventures will also advise you on how to prepare specifically for your outreach activities.



Mission Adventures focuses on outreach opportunities for groups. However, we recommend the following outreach options for individuals:
Age 13-19? Check out Teen Missions for their six-week summer mission trips available to Kiwi and Aussie teenagers.
Age 18+? From time to time, Mission Adventures partners with Steps of Justice to offer a justice-focused mission trip to Cambodia.