Well if you haven’t, they are a famous pair of New Zealand comedians that have a television show and are well known for their funny songs.

After a recent outreach in Tonga, staff member and foreman Glenn Brown put together something in a similar vein – check out this amazing acoustic/folk song.

Written and sung by Glenn Brown (words below)


Tongan Treasure

Running we running

Verse 1
HCS got the final call
Plane’s gonna go and we’re waiting for ya’ll. Lets go
Turn back the clock cause its Tongan time
Roosters will crow all night we find
Oh no

Verse 2
Tonga got heat and it got the sunshine
Truck’s gonna come will it come on time. Who knows
Mark tried to tan but it turned to a burn
Its not Waikato now lesson did he learn. Chicka

Verse 3
Felt like a swim so we head to the sea
But police rolled up said hey Palangi!
Duck duck goose with Mrs Marelich
All fun and games till she fell in the ditch she won’t- Slow down

These are the treasures we found in Tonga
We learned from the waterman things take much longer
Singing our song you won’t get us down
One direction the girls sing so loud
From Tonga we found faith got friends and built some
Treasure on an Island in the sun

Verse 4
Hey Benny boy why you on the mezzanine?
Don’t forget we put you in quarantine. His friends-
Been up all night they wear a loose lava lava
But we got no sleep too cause the neighbours drank kava All night

Verse 5
Took the Mrs on a date down a one way street
Went the wrong way but Police were neat Malo
Trevs house got cleaned and it got a makeover
Lookout cockroaches what’s that aroma

Verse 6
Ilsa and Maddie got to name their own pig
Hope they didn’t get roasted for Sunday’s dig .Mmm Bacon
Girls got scared in the middle of the night
Blankets flew such a big fright from a

Verse 7
Chur boys lets go, bomb comp cuz
Dirty mo for me a bit of extra fuzz
Watch this
Katie went up got high and got style
Guess who’s splash was better by a mile. Rematch!

Verse 8
Things were going fine and then came the Aussies
All they talked about was cricket and cozies…
Yeah nah gidday mate…
Better roll start the truck cause it’s time to go home
Scream for the spider sitting next to ma phone. Man scream. Aah!

Thanks Mr Coconut for ya Watermelon
Kelepi and Anna for keeping us gellin’
Sweet team to go with thanks so much
Catch you on the next one keep in touch…

released 04 August 2012