Many drivers have to weigh up whether to build a race car from scratch, or buy one already done.
There are positives & negatives to both.
An already built car is often a less time consuming option, and doesn’t cost you as much. But you don’t always know everything that makes up the car you’re racing, if corners have been cut for quality, or what exactly that extra switch under the dashboard does.
Building a car takes for ever (it feels), long drawn out nights working on getting the body straight, welding the roll cage, fitting the suspension & brakes. But you get a car you have invested your soul into, you know every nut & bolt, one you know will keep you safe if you crash.
I’ve noticed some people have faith like these options. Some folks go to church because their parents did, or its a good thing to do on a Saturday or Sunday. Or they like the idea of going to Heaven, but haven’t done much else about it.
That kind of faith is a bit like spraying a quick bit of paint over an old shell, fitting some big wheels and a shiny muffler that makes lots of noise. You may look the part, and people like the look & sound of you, but when it comes to the crunch, there’s nothing in the build quality of your faith, to keep you together.

Some people have faith based on their experience getting to know the package from the ground up. Knowing Jesus for who he really is, and taking the time to assemble the nuts & bolts of having a relationship with God, makes all the difference.
When you’re out on the track and hit a wet patch, or you mis-judge a corner and run into the sand trap, or some-one else gives you a tap mid-apex & you hit the wall hard, that is when you notice the difference between a ‘shiny-on-the-outside-faith’, and a ‘solid-8-point-roll-caged’ Jesus.
So I would encourage everyone, take the time, get to know Him. Don’t just go through the motions… you’ll only fall apart when you least expect it.
Lance Somervell.