What is Mission Adventures?

Best summed up, Mission Adventures provides a short term overseas mission experience for groups. Each trip may be custom designed to give your youth group the best possible experience, while challenging them to grow in a safe environment. Teams can choose from a variety of overseas destinations, and each group will have experienced staff travel alongside their outreach to take care of all the logistical details. This way, groups can focus solely on the mission work.

What will Mission Adventures provide?

Prior to your outreach, Mission Adventures will provide guidance in areas such as fundraising, what to bring, and how to best prepare your group. In addition, our staff will plan each detail of your mission trip, so you don’t have to worry about food, accommodation, transport, outreach activities, or pretty much anything else!

As you prepare for your mission trip, Mission Adventures will supply resources for you to train your team in the necessary areas of culture, religion, language, evangelism, prayer, unity, and sharing testimonies. During outreach, your group will receive cultural orientation, personal devotions, biblical teaching, special services, and time for your team to meet and discuss what they’re learning daily.

Outreach Coordination
Outreaches will vary for each location and from team to team. Mission Adventures will coordinate all aspects of your mission trip to tailor-make a mission trip that is best suited to the skills and interests of your particular group, while working within a safe and comfortable environment.

Experienced Mission Adventures staff will accompany your group on outreach. They will oversee all logistical aspects of your trip including transport, meals, accommodation, outreach activities and communication, so that youth leaders can focus on the personal needs of the group, and the youth can focus on being the missionaries.

We will help each member of your group to stretch outside their comfort zone, while remaining in a safe and supportive environment.