Night Terrors



Last night around 2am, I woke up to Erica yelling at me, “Get that animal out of our room!” It was making this nasty high pitched squealing noise. Jake (our cat) had obviously brought it into the house through the upstairs window and then started playing with it.
After turning on the lights I saw a small movement and tracked towards it, but just as I was about it grab it I realised that what I thought was a small bird or mouse, was actually only the head of this giant rat. I backed away just as it started hissing, and then it launched all fours off the ground at the cat’s head – it actually jumped like almost a foot high and forward too! Jake leaped out of the way, and the rat ran towards my shoes just as I was headed there to get some protection (as I was only in my boxers and feeling pretty vulnerable at this stage).
It wedged itself in between my two shoes – in front of my shoe drawer, so with no foot protection I gathered up courage and snuck towards it with a towel. Nervously I threw the towel on the shoes and pinned the two shoes together really firm, it didn’t like it at all and started shrieking and screaming again (Erica was doing the same – over the other side of the room – with fits of hysteria – somehow she thought it was hilarious!). With nothing else to do I just started punching my shoes! 1. To stop the noise and, 2. Cos I didn’t want this huge rat to be fully functional when I had to carry it outside in the towel.
After smashing the sides of my shoes in, I got the towel in between and rolled up the rat real quickly… those things are strong! I had the torso of it in my left hand and when it was convulsing, I could barely hold the sucker. I chucked the whole towel out the front door and slammed it before anything could happen.
Ha ha, and then our flatmate, Tina, gets up early this morning and as she is leaving, picks up our towel which houses a huge dead rat – sick… and funny.

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  2. tina

    front door>towel>rat: sick… not funny.

    wade punching a rat in the face in the middle of the night…. VERY funny.

  3. jen laird

    AWESOME, oh maybe that’s not the best thing to say….. Now why didn’t you take a picture?! Would have been good to have seen it, who knows maybe you’re just fishing for attention and it was actually a baby mouse. You manly man you, good on ya Wade.

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