Interesting fact #9: Thailand is geographically the 49th largest country in the world.

Thailand is a diverse nation located in Southeast Asia. This country is well known for its tourist trade, beautiful beaches, and delicious Thai food, yet many areas of Thailand are still extremely rural and undeveloped. The Thai people are very humble, with great respect for their culture and past; however, this also includes an unquestioning belief in Buddhism as their main religion.

There is a wide range of outreach opportunities in Thailand, and some of these may include assisting and sharing testimonies in Thai churches, doing work and building projects in villages, and doing children’s programmes. Another aspect of your mission trip may also include doing evangelistic performances and testimonies in public areas. You will work alongside existing ministries, and serve the ongoing work of long-term missionaries. This mission trip will give you an amazing insight into a culture that is very different from our own.

Population: 63,000,000
Capital: Bangkok
Language: Thai, English
Religion: Theravada Buddhism (95%), Muslim (4%), Christian and other (1%)
Life Expectancy: 73 years (New Zealand = 78 years)
GDP per Capita: US $8700 (New Zealand = US $20 100)

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From $3500 NZ/pp + $60 NZ registration fee/pp

Price includes airfares, food, accommodation, transportation, activities, training, staff and outreach supplies.

This price is a guide and will be made final during the application process. Price may vary according to team size, airfares, or exchange rates.